Specialty Services and Complex Care

Aviva at Fitzsimons has a multi-disciplinary team that provides a well-rounded care program that meets the needs of medically complex patients.

Golf course of a complex care services center in Aurora, Colorado

Advanced Programs for Medically Complex Needs

Advanced care programs at Aviva at Fitzsimons are designed to support individuals with medically complex conditions or diagnoses. Services are focused on comfort, safety and stability, with the primary goal of helping each patient manage or adjust to any lifestyle changes necessary for improving overall independence. Our team works diligently to maximize each person’s ability to enjoy an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

Coordinated Care Delivered by Trained Specialists

We have physicians at our campus six days a week, including attending physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, a pulmonologist, a critical care physician, a podiatrist and a respiratory therapist. Your care team works closely with you to help you achieve your recovery goals and help you feel comfortable during your stay.

Our Specialty Services Include:

  • Advanced Pulmonary Care Program:

    • Pulmonologist and critical care physical available onsite
    • Tracheostomy management
    • Trilogy, BiPAP and CPAP management
    • Respiratory Therapy
  • Advanced Cardiac Care and Recovery Program:

    • Cardiac surgeries
    • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
    • Strokes and other related cardiac conditions
  • Post-Surgical Recovery:

    • Orthopedic and joint replacement
    • Advanced wound care and amputations
    • Transplant management
    • Enteral and TPN management
    • Renal care management
    • Sepsis management and IV therapy
Woman receiving complex care services in Aurora, Colorado
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